Conference service


Conference service

Capacity: 20

Area: 50 m/sq

The conference hall, located in the “Kryva Lypa” hotel, is the best solution for organizing a business meeting, thematic seminar, training!

Why are we so sure of this? We will give strong arguments:

  • Versatility – our conference hall is suitable for various events. For example, it can be a training, business negotiations with potential business partners, a seminar. The area of the premises is 50 m2.
  • Working environment – the necessary furniture is located in the hall. This is a large table and comfortable chairs. There is nothing superfluous in the room. Everything is arranged so that the participants of the event work efficiently and are not distracted from the process. Particular attention is paid to lighting.
  • Comfort – the hall is warm and cozy in the cold season. In summer, the room is cool because a fan is used. The participants of the event feel comfortable and fully immerse themselves in the work. There are several large windows in the room. They offer a beautiful view of the historical part of the city.
  • Modern equipment – the training hall has a Smart TV and a marker board. These are important elements that cannot be dispensed with. With their help, the effectiveness of the event increases and the assimilation of information improves.
  • Availability – the cost of renting a meeting room is acceptable. Information on this issue is clarified with our managers. Employees will consult you and listen to your wishes.

You will not regret it if you choose the conference hall at the “Kryva Lypa” hotel! After all, you will not only hold a business meeting, training or seminar, but also get to know the interesting sights of Lviv. Not far from our hotel is:

  • Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet;
  • Potocki Palace;
  • Latin Cathedral;
  • Jesuit church.